Monday, September 28, 2009

Cross Over

Here's a set from one of my favorite comedians David Cross. I think he does a brilliant job in exposing the stupidity behind religion.



I recently saw a film made in the 1970's entitled "Faces of Death". The film guides the viewer through various explicit and disturbing violent acts and ways to die. In this film banned in over 50 nations, we're shown a man being decapitated, a patrolman attacked by an alligator and a fugitive shot to death by police officers among other similar events. Faces of Death has immediately become one of my favorite films for one reason. It sheds light on the aspect of life we all choose to keep in the corners of our minds. We've developed a world that refuses to acknowledge our own destiny. Death is a part of life, and on a grand scale I'm not certain I would label it unfortunate. Yes, it saddens all of us to lose family and friends, but death is a necessary evil. Without it our earth would be plagued with extreme overpopulation making life virtually unlivable. The film explores international customs, murder, attack and suicide in great visual detail. Death has always fascinated me because despite its familiarity humanity does not have a complete grasp on it. It is only when we understand death that we'll obtain a better understanding of reality. Personally I do not believe in fate and I do not believe in a higher power. I do however believe in coincidence and I believe in timing, which is constantly overlooked in my eyes. When someone is hit by a bus it is because their path collided with that of a bus. Timing and circumstance should be held responsible. None of us know what will be the cause of our demise. All we know is that it is inevitable. And all I know is that when my day comes, I hope I go laughing.

It's not death you should fear.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall's First Weekend

This past weekend was the first weekend of fall. This is my favorite season because the weather cools down moderately and I'm able to tap into the largest section of my wardrobe. I went with earth tones this past Friday night. A mint green oxford collared shirt, olive trousers, brown top-siders (with socks) and a lined brown jacket. In the spirit of simplicity I'm planning to make long sleeved V neck t-shirts, corduroys and boots my default outfit. I'm also planning to dabble in jewelry. I'm discovering the art of composing an outfit instead of simply wearing expensive pieces, though my rule of quality over quantity still holds fast. I'm planning to be much more productive from this season on. Truely buckling down and working to accomplish my goals. Therefore I probably will not be going out as much. I've made a lot of personal and spiritual progress over the last few months and now it's time to make progress on paper.

Back to work

Monday, September 14, 2009

Looks I Love

A few Photos "borrowed" from Scott Schuman's page

The first thing I see is the pocket square. I love the contrasting patterns. The ensemble reminds me of 30's fashion infused with color. Dope.

I love the shoes. "No white after labor day" is dead.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The End Of Day

This composition is brilliant. I'm doing a full post live from 3-420 on the albums release date. Ive heard the entire album and its more like a movie, it has scenes for christ sake. I was taken on a journey I didn't even know music was capable of taking me on. But uhhh

Take a listen to the sample, if you're into Cudi, especially if you're not
Annnddd Pick up the album when it drops, which is four days after you purchase The Blueprint 3

Because you've got taste right?


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


A few posts ago I said that after hearing one third of The Blueprint 3 I didn't believe it was going in the right direction. Since then I had a talk with a good friend a mine who time and time again sheds lights on areas I seem to overlook about the current state of hip hop. I have also heard the entire album in order and I will just say opinion has changed. I'm plan to re listen to it for the rest of the week and more so until its release date when I plan to write a review of it. But for now this is me, on the record, saying I was wrong and eating the words that left my mouth a few days earlier. Dig?


The Sartorialist

This is Scott Schuman. But anyone who reads GQ beyond a seldom frequency would know him more familiarly as The Sartorialist. I've followed Scott's fashion advice and tips every month for years without even knowing his real name. Creating my blog has made me familiar with what the "" behind a domain name means as well as the falsehoods behind most them. You could imagine my skepticism upon seeing "The Sortorialist" appear in my list as a result of a Google search. However, I had nothing to lose from clicking the link. I did so and stumbled upon a page that was not only authentic but contained photos that had been featured in GQ for the last three years as well as ones that didn't make the issue. Scott's blog is a dynamic compilation of photographs he has taken of everyday people in extraordinary outfits. Schuman pauses his jet setting in Paris, Rome, Milan, London, Brussels to name a few, though the project is anchored in New York City. As much as I <3 & respect fashion there was a piece of me that doubted everyday people ripped the outfits/looks from the pages and made them their own. Scott's posts prove each time that high fashion is indeed alive in people all over the globe. Each post is a breath of fresh air, an inspiration and motivation to utilize every piece of clothing I own.

Thank you Scott Schuman for your beautiful documentation of high fashions transition to Main Street.

If you're into fashion, street-wear, photography or all three drop by: